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Apr. 10th, 2011 04:32 pm
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"So, what you're saying is that lost in the jungle is some kind of waterfall..." Steve attempts this for the third time and abandons all hope when he stares at Kono and Danny and tries to reconcile Danny with the tiny blonde woman standing in front of him. "And because it was cold water..."

"Boss, just, accept that cold water did this to Danny and let's get back to the job."

Because like Chin said, 'the good guys know the bad guys' and if Danny looks like this, then they can pull the vice-job that HPD and Five-O has had to keep pushing away since all of their people had been identified. It's the only reason, supposedly, that Danny didn't just take a dive into the warm-waterfall-pool right next to the cold one and Steve isn't going to think about this logically anymore.

"Next time, when the suspect goes running off a cliff..."

"Yeah, I got it, don't follow him," Danny replies idly, waving a hand. He looks too small to take seriously and Steve has been keeping his fair distance. It's to the point that everyone starts to notice and halfway through their tactics meeting about the op, Danny calls him on it.

"I'm gonna get dinner," Chin says, pulling Kono with him to get out of the way.

Danny folds his arms over his chest, upper lip curling towards his nose in disgust. "Do I look contagious or something? Do I disgust you, McGarrett? Cuz you won't even look at me and I know you like these parts cuz you like them just fine on Catherine. So what's the deal, here?"

It's hard to explain and Steve's not a master of words at the best of times. He owes Danny an attempt, though. He tears his gaze away from the wall and manages to look as level as possible into Danny's gaze.

"You're just not you," is what he has to say. "And I don't like it."

Danny blushes a color of pink that Steve isn't sure is deserved, but he isn't about to complain. It's better than being called a 'schmuck' and smacked in the arm, after all. "C'mon, you goof, let's pull this job and I'll go back to being the me you like. Deal?"

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They've been in worse situations than this. As McCoy's handler (or his partner, now that McCoy is more than just an asset), they've seen rougher times, but with six guns in their direction and McCoy sweating bullets, Jim is starting to get the feeling he should have packed more heat.

"Bones," Jim gets out through his gritted teeth. "Anytime you wanna flash, now."

"It's not like pulling up a memory," Bones snaps back, his voice wavering anxiously. "The Intersect doesn't just take commands." He keeps searching through his synapses for something to fire and Jim's grip on the knife in his hands tightens. If something doesn't happen soon, then he's in deep shit.

Jim has always trusted McCoy.

Ever since the first time they met, through Bones' obvious falling for Jim, through to this moment in which Jim is starting to suspect that the feelings aren't so one-sided, there's always been trust.

"We're not going to die," Jim promises. "Trust me, Bones. You can do it. For me."

Something he's said does the trick because Bones goes from the nervous-sweaty-guy to the one that's kicking everyone's asses and Jim only needs to take down two of the six would-be-assassins before they're all dropped to the ground.

"See?" Jim says brightly, even though his heart is still pounding. "Nothing to worry about."

Which is pointless to say to a man like McCoy, where worrying comes like second nature.
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Danny was well aware that finding out the news that he did should render him shocked, speechless, and unable to deal. The full moon out in the sky, he could have ignored the fact that come dawn, Steve tumbled into headquarters with leaves in his hair, his clothes ripped, and dirt smeared all over his body.

He could have ignored all of it, if Steve hadn't sleepily stalked across the office and wordlessly sniffed Danny from shoulder to ear, letting out a sated growl when he was through.

"Language?" Danny suggested mildly.

Steve looked primal, there was no better word for it. He had a keen look in his eye and grabbed hold of Danny's wrists, sniffing at the radial pulse and letting out a pleased whimper when he apparently found something he liked.

So when you put it together, Danny came to the conclusion that either the full moon turned Steve into an absolute freak or his partner was a werewolf.

Danny would probably be more shocked, but really, at least this explained the territorial bullshit. Without it, Steve was actually stranger for it. "Okay," Danny exhaled, watching as Steve rounded the office, sniffing out every corner. "We'll talk about this later. In detail," he said, processing how very not-shocked he was.
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She sees him again after Seattle.

It's years later. It's so many years and they've both moved on, but they haven't moved on though Mason and Roxy and pretty little Georgia have. They haven't. He's gotten crankier, if such a thing is possible, and she's become colder under all the silk scarves and her sweet drawl. She thinks that if she were still mortal, she would have given up by now and become one of her very own post-it notes.

Well, maybe not hers. Suicides aren't included in the murder and accident category, after all.

They meet unexpectedly. It's a massacre and she's lingering outside the building with a post-it note stuck to two fingertips, her eyes in the sky as she waits for the corner of an old church to come sliding down when she sees him out of the corner of her eye.

"Daisy Adair," he says.

She's so tired. She's too tired to make a quip and curtsy and so she flashes the briefest of smiles. "Rube," she says, a tinge of sadness to her words. "Funny meeting you here."

"Well," he says, and later he'll tell her about how he waits for the lights every time, but every time, they don't come for him. She'll listen, half-drunk and half-miserable, and know exactly what that's like. "World's a small place, Miss Adair."

"Isn't it, just," she hums.

The building is crashing down and the pleasantries end, for now. Now, it's just another day, name, and time.
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"You're a fucking idiot," Danny says, peering over the edge of the ceiling tiles as Steve dangled in his harness above the Star of Africa. They'd flown all the way to London for this and Chin has been on fire getting the security cameras disabled while Kono keeps the guards away and now Steve is tangled up in his goddamn harness. "What the hell use am I as a fixer if my inside man is a goddamn wreck in the harness."

"The SEALS didn't train for this, Danny," he spits out, his jaw tensed tightly together like he'll restart the lasers if he speaks too loud. "Fuck," he adds, flailing and shifting, hitting the ground hard as Danny hurries to collect the rope.

"Steve, you gotta hurry, you're almost out of time," Danny warns, but it's no use. It's too late.

The lasers come back on with Steve caught in the middle, still halfway to getting them shut off manually. At least the cameras are off.

"I'll get Chin, I'll call him and tell him to..."

"No, don't," Steve replies, his voice strangely calm and controlled. "I'm having a thought."

Steve having a thought is a terrifying thing. It's downright scary.

Danny isn't even surprised when Steve starts to get bendy and twisty and starts pulling gymnasts' moves out of his ass like never before. He twists and bends and Danny goes a little dry-mouthed at the sight of Steve's ass as the implications of what Steve would be like in bed.

"Just, hurry up," Danny croaks, trying to keep some kind of control here.

Useless. He's useless around his inside man. Absolutely useless.
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The mechanics of their relationship is not something he puts much thought to. Not in the beginning. He avoids the nuts and bolts, so to speak. It's too easy to get caught up in the realization that she really is joints and hinges and ball-bearings made by coltane to create a perfect killing machine that was originally designed to stop him.

He'd thrown a wrench in those plans by existing and with the skills at his fingertips.

Now she's here. She. She, like there's a sex to assign to the strange creature that's wandered into their lives to save him from death. That he sent to protect himself from death. He tries not to think too much about that, not since the first time he tried to put logic to Kyle Reese being his father and how that came to pass.

He stares at her too often. He knows that. His eyes linger over her and he can see his mother watching him warily. He can see the thinly-veiled disgust on Derek's face.

He doesn't care, though.

In the future, he figures out how to turn something terrible into a force to be reckoned with, into something to protect him and fight for him. He's turned her from a monster into a guardian angel. She's beautiful. Allison Young, Cameron, no matter what or who she is, she's beautiful, right down to the nuts and bolts of it.
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"And lo, the light from thine eyes...!"

Cats are howling. The neighbors have turned all their lights on and have started to shout into the streets to try and quiet the noise disturbance, but it's no use. Jim consults his crumpled piece of paper one more time and casts his arm to the air, as though gesturing to the gods.

"...and thine surgeon's hand is strong and true...!"

The dogs are starting to bark as well and Jim winces, wondering how long it'll be before someone calls a noise complaint and the police show up. He can't imagine Pike will be too pleased to discover that Jim has been put away on a 'disturbance via poetry' complaint.

"...and Bones, fuck, but your ass is amazing!"

That seems to get Bones' attention. He flips on the bedroom light, drags his window open, and leans out on his forearms. "You're not exactly Wordsworth, Jim," he drawls. "My ass is amazing doesn't exactly fit the whole Shakespearean vibe."

"I was going for beauty in truth. Truth beauty, Bones," Jim says, very seriously.

"Get up here before glass starts breaking at your voice," Bones says tiredly.

Jim smirks, counting this as a success. And on the plus side, too, Bones isn't ever going to complain that Jim never does anything romantic for him.
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Steve isn't sure why everyone looks so surprised.

With Grace at thirteen and Rachel out of town, there are questions that she's brought with her to the office. Danny lets her sit in and learn about protocol ("This," Danny insists, "is the best way for her to understand what kind of scumbags exist.") and she asks the team for advice. She's learnt about simple car mechanics from Chin, surfing from Kono, and today is Steve's turn.

"Could everyone stop looking at me like that," Steve says, his left eye twitching slightly. "It's really unnerving."

"And he has a sharp pencil close to his eye," Grace adds with worry.

"Pardon your team for wondering why you're so talented at eyeliner application that you can teach my teenaged daughter about it," Danny says incredulously. "But go on, Superfabulous. You keep on showing us how it's done."

Steve really wishes they'd lay off.

For one, it's just an application of fine motor skills.

...and for another, it's not like they were ever that specific about how to apply camo paint in the jungle. Steve had been top of his class and had excelled in exceeding. This was just another step.

"Don't worry, Steve," Danny says later with a sympathetic smile and a proffered beer in hand. "We still think you're the manliest SEAL at the ball. You just have the best makeup, too."
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"So in light of some of the recent frightening statistics I've been seeing, we're all here today to talk about protection," McCoy says, his voice broadcasting to every level of the ship. "We're all adults and now that we're three months into this mission, there's no goddamn excuse for some of the cases I've been seeing. I mean, c'mon. Someone brought back an STD that's supposed to have been extinct."

Several sheepish looks pass around the room, but no one looks particularly proud.

"And if I have to hear about one more plea for something to help the itching, I just may well decide the Oath doesn't cover certain parts of the body. I'm not saying you can't have sex. Hell, I'm sure I'd be voted off as CMO if I did, but all I'm asking, all I'm begging is that you take measures to protect yourselves."

A lone hand lifts in the crowd.

"...oh good, we're doing Q and A, now," McCoy mutters. "Yeah?"

"But what if it's been a really, really long time and you don't have anything with you?" one of the ensigns asks.

McCoy catches Jim's eye (who is sitting in the front row) and watches the Captain press his face into his hand.

"I think the Captain'll answer that for you later," McCoy responds, feeling just a bit sorry for the kid. But then, when you're stupid enough to think that, you're not exactly the kind of person needed (or wanted) in a crisis. "Drop by the Clinic if anyone wants supplies or demonstrations. I got all day if we're gonna prevent an epidemic."
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Positano is rife with possibilities for complaint -- even if McCoy really could find fit to seek out (and usually successfully) fault in anything. Hell, Jim thinks he could even manage to find something wrong in the garden of Eden before the sin came down. McCoy could have complained about the drive down the terrifying Amalfi coast that Jim suspects Bones had been comatose during, judging by the lack of noise he made). He could have complained about the presence of jellyfish lurking in the waters or even the deafening fireworks the locals set off at dusk.

But, no. The issue of the day turns out to be sunscreen.

"Bones, seriously, I'm just playing volleyball, I'm not walking on any suns here," Jim complains as he stands firmly still so Bones can smother suntan lotion all over his face. "It's beach volleyball. Getting a tan is practically expected!"

"It's possible melanoma," is Bones' immediate response -- the man has an answer for everything. "Besides, once you and the boys start sweating, god knows your brain's only going to be fixated on aesthetics and hardly on the medical."

And, well, man's got a mild point because Jim has seen the caliber of the men he's playing with. They tend to overrule all other thoughts, including how to protect against unsexy things like melanomas.

Bones should have been finished lathering him up ages ago, but his broads palms skim over Jim's bare chest with such constancy that Jim starts to wonder if this is really all about a potential life-threatening disease or whether Bones is maybe worrying about other things he's not coming clean with.

"Bones, it's one game of volleyball," Jim insists. "We can go explore the streets after and I won't even wink at a single local."

That seems to do it. Bones pulls his hands away, looking at Jim warily. "Are you sure?"

Jim smirks, tapping his sunscreen coated fingers over Bones' nose, rubbing it in. "Why do I need to ogle other guys when I've got you, right?"


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