Apr. 8th, 2011

lovely_ambition: (happy seals are good ones: by nuv0le_rap)
Danny was well aware that finding out the news that he did should render him shocked, speechless, and unable to deal. The full moon out in the sky, he could have ignored the fact that come dawn, Steve tumbled into headquarters with leaves in his hair, his clothes ripped, and dirt smeared all over his body.

He could have ignored all of it, if Steve hadn't sleepily stalked across the office and wordlessly sniffed Danny from shoulder to ear, letting out a sated growl when he was through.

"Language?" Danny suggested mildly.

Steve looked primal, there was no better word for it. He had a keen look in his eye and grabbed hold of Danny's wrists, sniffing at the radial pulse and letting out a pleased whimper when he apparently found something he liked.

So when you put it together, Danny came to the conclusion that either the full moon turned Steve into an absolute freak or his partner was a werewolf.

Danny would probably be more shocked, but really, at least this explained the territorial bullshit. Without it, Steve was actually stranger for it. "Okay," Danny exhaled, watching as Steve rounded the office, sniffing out every corner. "We'll talk about this later. In detail," he said, processing how very not-shocked he was.


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