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Title: Take Me Out
Pairing: Talbert/Women, Lipton/Speirs, Buck/Malarkey, Babe/Roe, Winters/Nixon, Harry/Kitty, Webster/Liebgott
Rating: PG-13.
Disclaimer: Insert long and winding speech about how they are not mine, here.
Summary: It's the beginning of another legendary season and Team E has been training for this for too long to do anything but win.
Notes: This is, in fact, a modern-day AU. Throw what you know to the wind! Embrace the semi-crack! I have no manner of knowing how many parts it is, but I do have a set ending in mind.

PART ONE: In which Nixon thinks about orgies, everyone gets drunk, Perconte tries to be sensible around George Luz, and Speirs is one scary man.
PART TWO: In which Lipton gives Speirs the chance to dig himself a deeper grave, Buck enjoys Malarkey (and his cooking), and Babe gets recruited.
PART THREE: In which Liebgott takes it out on Webster, strip poker happens, and the plot appears.
PART FOUR: In which the boys learn of their possible fate, Babe gets pinned with laundry duty, and Harry is a very happy and very drunk man.
PART FIVE: In which Winters gets a new job, Harry has vicarious sex, and it's Webster versus Liebgott, round 2.
PART SIX: In which Lipton denies the opportunity to play Team Savior, Joe Toye is the centre of attention, and Liebgott has a new mission.
PART SEVEN: In which Talbert has an unspeakable talent with women, bets on nurses are placed, Buck plays chaperone, Babe gets brave, and Speirs may be trying to provoke new legends about him.
PART EIGHT: In which Nixon gets a visitor, so does Webster, and O'Keefe isn't having a good night.
PART NINE: In which Lipton lays down the terms, a press conference is held, and Liebgott tries to clear his head.
PART TEN: In which Winters bears news about the league, Liebgott has no shame, and Babe becomes a man.


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