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When Wesley next opened his eyes, he was back in the Hyperion lobby and Cordelia was staring at him along with…Gunn. Wesley felt stiff and sore. His injuries from the blasted bomb on the beach were taking their good time to heal and while he didn’t feel any scars, he felt them as though ghosts, passing over his body.

Cordelia looked quite worried, but it was Gunn’s lingering look that he cared about the most.

“Okay, boss-man, we get it, we’re boring you,” Cordelia huffed as she waved a hand in the indicated manner of ‘whatever’, as he had learned during his time with her. She took her tea and waved him away. “If anyone needs me, I’m going to try on my new clothes,” she announced eagerly, clearly delighted as she wandered away.

Which left Wesley and Gunn alone.

Dear god, why was this so difficult?

“You okay, English? You look a little pale. Somewhere between undead and British,” Gunn offered easily.

Wesley looked at him and saw nothing in his eyes that indicated recognition. There was absolutely nothing to say that he remembered their time on the Island, or Becky, or their relationship. He knew that this day might come, but he hadn’t counted on how precisely difficult it was going to be.

“I’m sure I’ll be fine with time,” Wesley assured, managing to find his voice.

“Good,” Gunn said with an easy grin. “Cuz I got the new Xbox game and I am coming over to your place tonight. You, me, some beers, video games, and pizza. What do you say, English?”

Sounds like torture, thought Wesley, but didn’t say. “Perfect,” he weakly consented and as he watched Gunn walk away, he tried desperately not to think about how very much he wanted to go back.


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