Apr. 2nd, 2011

lovely_ambition: (kirk/mccoy: by _kissmygrass)
"So in light of some of the recent frightening statistics I've been seeing, we're all here today to talk about protection," McCoy says, his voice broadcasting to every level of the ship. "We're all adults and now that we're three months into this mission, there's no goddamn excuse for some of the cases I've been seeing. I mean, c'mon. Someone brought back an STD that's supposed to have been extinct."

Several sheepish looks pass around the room, but no one looks particularly proud.

"And if I have to hear about one more plea for something to help the itching, I just may well decide the Oath doesn't cover certain parts of the body. I'm not saying you can't have sex. Hell, I'm sure I'd be voted off as CMO if I did, but all I'm asking, all I'm begging is that you take measures to protect yourselves."

A lone hand lifts in the crowd.

"...oh good, we're doing Q and A, now," McCoy mutters. "Yeah?"

"But what if it's been a really, really long time and you don't have anything with you?" one of the ensigns asks.

McCoy catches Jim's eye (who is sitting in the front row) and watches the Captain press his face into his hand.

"I think the Captain'll answer that for you later," McCoy responds, feeling just a bit sorry for the kid. But then, when you're stupid enough to think that, you're not exactly the kind of person needed (or wanted) in a crisis. "Drop by the Clinic if anyone wants supplies or demonstrations. I got all day if we're gonna prevent an epidemic."


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