Apr. 4th, 2011

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"And lo, the light from thine eyes...!"

Cats are howling. The neighbors have turned all their lights on and have started to shout into the streets to try and quiet the noise disturbance, but it's no use. Jim consults his crumpled piece of paper one more time and casts his arm to the air, as though gesturing to the gods.

"...and thine surgeon's hand is strong and true...!"

The dogs are starting to bark as well and Jim winces, wondering how long it'll be before someone calls a noise complaint and the police show up. He can't imagine Pike will be too pleased to discover that Jim has been put away on a 'disturbance via poetry' complaint.

"...and Bones, fuck, but your ass is amazing!"

That seems to get Bones' attention. He flips on the bedroom light, drags his window open, and leans out on his forearms. "You're not exactly Wordsworth, Jim," he drawls. "My ass is amazing doesn't exactly fit the whole Shakespearean vibe."

"I was going for beauty in truth. Truth beauty, Bones," Jim says, very seriously.

"Get up here before glass starts breaking at your voice," Bones says tiredly.

Jim smirks, counting this as a success. And on the plus side, too, Bones isn't ever going to complain that Jim never does anything romantic for him.


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