Apr. 7th, 2004 12:44 pm
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  • Strike the pixie idea. Nothing else has come to mind, so you might as well dump it and be through.

  • In terms of the Sparrington '04, more plausible idea came to mind. Have Norrington and Sparrow piss off some obscure god (do the research later) and be cursed to carry the souls forward, reborn with memories locked away until they appease/solve something, etc.etc.

    It would make the unlocking of the memories plausible as well as keeping them the same people while still keeping it in '04.

  • Verona Beach AU. Re-rent Romeo and Juliet to get reacquainted, most likely some bloody type of murderish type setting. Possible to do the Dom/Orlando here, with Billy as an angelic sort of presence, not in that he's holy and good but that he is always watching over. Possible costume party, give Billy the wings the Juliet wears.

  • Ficlet in which being called a 'movie star' is still something new and disturbing to Billy.

  • Firefly idea. Go back to Zoe and Wash's wedding. Write about it. Kind of a line going through my head:

    The wedding was planned by Mal (against Wash's greater arguments), and in the end, it turned out to be like every other social event Mal planned and hosted. There were guns, there was blood, and a great deal of people who weren't happy with the guests of honour.

    The blood had even gotten into the cake.

    Jayne had wanted that cake.

  • Billijah. Elijah is jealous of the way Billy seems to defy age.
  • RPS ideas

    Nov. 27th, 2003 11:47 am
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  • Sort of AU!ish type of fic. Billy believes in pixies. After all, he's got good reason.

    Numbers Fic

    1, 2...13...Infinity

    -3 days until Orlando goes home. (Orlando/Viggo)
    -12 hours since Dom walked away (Dom/Billy)
    -15 months since Miranda last wanted (Miranda/Karl)
    -5 minutes since Billy accidentally kissed Dom
    -2 years since Viggo fell in love
    -18 steps until Elijah boards the plane and leaves.
    -2 choices that Billy can't decide between (Billy/Dom, Billy/Elijah)

    Main characters:
    -Viggo, Orlando, Karl, Miranda, Dom, Billy, Elijah

  • Don't know if I've written this idea up, but just in case: Dom doesn't love Billy. No. It's more of a severe case of like.

  • Connor has nightmares of Jasmine. Attends uni. in CA, and runs into Wes. They build a rapport.
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    From Phoenix From The Flame by Robbie Williams, currently my new favourite lyric for the sheer loveliness (I also quite like that word) of it:

    "Only you could see the darkness in the northern lights."

    Also, quote of the moment:

    Zeke: He's tweaking man, let him fucking tweak!

    And now to the real business of the entry. Got an idea whilst working today, will have to edited severely, but I got the idea. It will probably be Elijah, as it fits him could be changed to Orlando at some point though. Both are possibilities. For sure it won't be Dom, Viggo, or Sean A., have determined that:

    There are a few people in the world who can't help being charming, and exude greatness, fame and beauty. _______ is one of them."


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