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Quirks: He knows all of her quirks (of which there are just so many), but she never brings up his and he begins to wonder just why it is she’s giving him a free pass until one day, he stops caring to ask and it doesn’t matter any more.

Neutral: “Pick a side,” he tells her, which shouldn’t be such a difficult decision, but in a land of blue and reds and elephants and donkeys, Ainsley swallows her pride and answers with: “Neither.”

Question: “Will you--” “Sam, I swear to god if the last words of that sentence aren’t ‘marry me’, you’re getting a heel somewhere unpleasant.”

Balcony: They stand on the balcony of some unknown hotel in some unknown city while they’re on the campaign trail for Sam’s bid for congress and her body is tucked within his arms as he asks her what city they’re in and she murmurs that she has no earthly idea.

Sarcasm: “Gee, really, Sam, do you think that’s what this could possibly be in my hands, because here I thought that I was delivering the circus schedule to the President of the United States of America!”

Defeat: “It’s okay,” she murmurs as she rubs his back and tries to ignore the sullen look in his eyes when the news reports that they’ve lost another state, “it’s not the end,” she promises.

Worry: Sam is beginning to become preoccupied with Ainsley Hayes and it’s all because she hasn’t called him back in six days and she knows better than to let him off the hook, so when she does call in tears that her grandfather has died, Sam experiences the most guilty relief he’s ever felt in his life.

Smirk: She kisses him full on the lips and he asks what that was for, only for her to smirk in return and tell him, ‘you were looking a bit too smug there, tiger.’
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Birthday: He turns forty-four and has to wear his glasses more often than not, but Ainsley doesn’t mind the age as she’s always preferred things that grow finer as the years went by.

Horizon: The future is waiting out there and unless they plan on reaching out and taking it, there’s no point in making goals or plans or polling to test whether or not a Republican wife will harm a Presidential Democratic Candidate.

Share: She refuses to share her desserts and while Sam had found that annoying in the first few weeks of their courtship, he can’t help but find it incredibly endearing now.

Bane: She’s the very bane of his existence is what he likes to say when they’re in bed and she’s teasing him about the latest speech that saw a dip in poll numbers during one of his sections, but when she kisses it better and tells him that it was probably because they left to write their love letters to Sam Seaborn, he doesn’t mind having a bane in his life.
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Blessing: “She’s a good girl, Sam,” his mother demurs and speaks her approval when Ainsley is brought and trotted out to the whole of the family and Sam knows that it’s his mother’s approval that he really cares about and when it comes to his father, he just couldn’t care less.

Just: The laws in the country are set for a reason, she argues and the punishment is fair and swift and he’s hardpressed to argue when the punishment for his crime of bringing flowers long is a heated and breathless kiss he’ll never forget.

Solitary: There is one lone figure left in all the White House when Ainsley returns from a trip home to catch up on the simplest of life’s offerings – sleep, food, showers – and watching his shadow in the Communications Office, she wonders when it is he doesn’t stand alone to assemble the words for a nation.


Jan. 2nd, 2008 07:25 pm
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It seems as if they never stop wandering down the halls of the West Wing in order to reach her office and by the time they do get there, enough kisses have been stolen in dark corridors to warrant walking all the way back upstairs to get to Sam’s apartment.


His words are what makes her say her own offer of three pitiful little words compared to the endless litany of speeches and passionate tirades that he gives to her; right there, in bed with him though, her ‘I love you’ is worth every thousand, every ten thousand of words he puts to a page.


When eight years have lapsed and the White House has changed regimes, they’re neither of them working there any longer and have gone back to what they do best (the law, always on someone’s side) and when they watch together with glasses of white wine, a Republican President swears an oath, but rather than admitting that she’s won, all Ainsley does is offer Sam an apologetic smile.
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Sometimes, he mocks her for her stance in politics and she gets so hurt that he can see it reflected in the way her back stiffens and the way her eyes go cold and maybe this time, he’s pushed too far, is what he thinks.


“You, sir,” she giggles drunkenly, swirling around a bright blue drink like it’s a handbag, “are no Prince Charming,” she remarks, like she isn’t in his arms in the classic Damsel-In-Distress position and he doesn’t even comment as he takes her home until he kisses her nose and tucks her in bed and says, “I prefer Prince Valiant.”
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“Sometimes, Sam,” she sighs and she’s looking right at him, even though she feels like she’s miles away, “I think this relationship is going nowhere fast,” and it’s all Sam can do to say ‘I know’ and maybe a ‘how about we change that?’


Ainsley Hayes is not a quitter, not in anything important, so when Sam Seaborn tells her that she’s going to have a hell of a fight in this White House, she just squares her shoulders and meets his gaze and tells him to get ready for the long and hard fight.
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‘Dear Mr. Seaborn,’ the invitation read to Josh’s wedding, like he was just another man, and after the long period of freaking right out, he’d checked off the plus one category and knew that if nothing else, it’d be pretty great to watch Ainsley demolish the whole wedding cake herself.
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There’s very little gracefulness in her two left feet, but when she says, “Sam, dance with me,” and she’s stone-cold sober this time, they waltz along the convention floor to the Blue Danube and he doesn’t mind that she’s got two left feet, because on most days, he’s got two right ones.
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Lightning/Thunder * There’s no flash of lightning before the thunder of Chase kissing Wilson so hard that he stumbles backwards, knocks a vase to the carpet and winds up stumbling all the way back into bed.

Technology * Wilson has to praise the new modern day and age because it’s with no more than a time and place sent to Chase’s pager that they arrange their next tryst.

Clouds * Wilson’s head is all up in the clouds when he realizes he’s gone head over absolute heels for Chase and he simply doesn’t want to come back down to Earth because he far prefers where he is, too high up in the clouds to see how far he can go crashing down.
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Sex * Wilson doesn’t think he’s ever heard sounds like that coming out of Chase, but the groaning and the moaning and the shouting is completely worth it because there’s nothing like the sight of Chase climaxing, his skin slick-sheen with sweat, and his face so relaxed that it’s like he’s ten years younger.

Bonds * Chase tugs on the ties around his wrists and looks apprehensively up at Wilson, who he never expected to be into this sort of thing, but then, Chase really should shut up the next time Wilson starts prodding curiously about, ‘that BDSM scene’.

Completion * Chase finishes up his contract – well, the fourth signed contract – with House and the last person he says goodbye to is Wilson, who hugs him tight and murmurs softly into his ear about how he should’ve been done with this a long time ago, but he’s still glad he lingered.

Sickness * When Chase falls ill, Wilson tends to him with chicken soup, Echinacea, and the most nagging impression of a mother that Chase has ever seen, but amidst the coughing and the sniffles, Chase takes a moment to say a proper thank you to Wilson, the first person who ever cared to take care of him.

Touch * The first time they touch after sex, there’s a jolt of electricity that’s probably from all the friction with the sheets, but it’s a jolt that brings them both back to reality and the reality is that they’ve had sex and there’s no going back.

Supernova * “Working for House,” Chase murmurs softly, his lips pressed close to Wilson’s ear as they watch the stars, “is like waiting for a supernova to collide with a black hole and all the while, you keep expecting House to be there, just to make a bet on who’s going to win.”

Heaven * Chase isn’t naïve enough to think that he’s going to go to heaven, not after all of this, not after the sodomy and the sinning and the lying and the sex, but he likes to spare a quick prayer every now and again to pray that God please, please relent on Wilson and let him in because he deserves it, three divorces or not.
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Telephone * Wilson finds a brand new cellphone on his desk and the first thing he sees is the sole programmed number into the new device: care of Robert Chase.

Sun * The sun does to Chase's hair what most salons now charge a fortune for, lightening strands of hair from dark to light, but when the sun does it, it stays longer, allowing Wilson more days of exploring those golden strands.

Fear * Wilson isn't a good actor and Chase is a terrible liar and Wilson fears the day that House finds out because there's any number of consequences for something that feels so good, despite the social rules against it.

Wind * Wilson's words are lost in the blustering winds of autumn, but Chase pretends that he's shouting, 'I'll wait for you,' into the Northerly wind, assuring Chase that he won't just fly away.

Sensual * Wilson is a master of the sensual, of the art to it and Chase hadn't believed any of the warnings because he just didn't fall for that crap, but then, a massage and a CD of Barry White later and maybe Chase does fall for that stuff, but just with Wilson.

Market * Wilson takes Chase food shopping just once because between the two of them bickering about recipes, spices, and the potency of garlic as an aphrodisiac, a routine half-hour trip winds up taking a grueling two hours.
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Chocolate * Chase brought back Belgian chocolates from his latest forays to Europe, but Wilson swears that Belgian chocolate had never tasted so good until Chase had hand-fed them to him, piece by piece.

Forever * "Well, maybe I do want this to last," Wilson shouts loudly at Chase, standing on the staircase as they fight about commitment again and Chase is so taken aback that he never does continue the fight; just tugs on Wilson's tie in order to pull him into a fierce kiss.

Sky * Wilson often catches Chase staring absently skywards, the blue of it powerful enough to match the blue of his eyes and Wilson always wonders just what it is that snags Chase's attention like that and wonders what he can do to mimic that attention-catching quality.

Rain * Wilson opens the door to find Chase standing on his stoop, soaking wet and without a coat and before Wilson can demand to know if Chase has gone crazy, Chase drags him out into the rain and kisses him desperately, murmuring, 'I love you,' so softly that the patter of the rain washes it away.

Death * Chase comments that he's sick of death, sick of funerals, sick of the constant reminder that every day they're dying and he tells Wilson as much, putting the burden of a reason to live fully on Wilson’s shoulders.

Waves * When they're broken up (temporarily), Wilson takes a trip to the shore and watches the waves come in and all he tries to do is not think of Chase and it just doesn't work, not anymore.
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Kiss * Wilson never expected it, but when it happened, he realized that he had been expecting something like it his entire life; the kind of kiss that was slow, soft, and thoughtful and the kind of kiss Wilson won't forget because it will forever define Chase for him.

Happiness * Chase once asked him during a fight if Wilson had ever once felt happiness that wasn't marriage-induced and Wilson had no genuine answer for him because how could a question like that be asked if Chase didn't see firsthand how happy he made Wilson?

Moon * Full moon in the sky and the only madness it's bringing about is the kind that clouds Wilson's head with thoughts of Chase, clad in nothing, leaning over Wilson's desk in the middle of the night, moonlight spilling over the pale skin of his back and begging to be touched.

Home * "Come home with me," Chase exhaled a pleading request and searched Wilson's eyes for an answer that he'd known even before he asked the question and it's no surprise when Wilson agreed, because he's never said no to Chase.

Pain * Wilson's emotional pain began manifesting as physical -- an icy clutching of his stomach -- on the day that Chase had come to see him and confessed quietly that he had lung cancer, just like his Dad, yet another patient of Wilson's that he couldn't save, just like he won't be able to save Chase and that hurts him more than anything.

Melody * Whereas House plays piano, Chase plays the violin with such devotion that he keeps his eyes closed to focus on the melody, which is all the better, because it means he can't see the look of abject adoration and wonder on Wilson's face while he watches.
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Comfort * Okay, okay, it’s okay, but it really isn’t, because no matter how many ‘okay’s’ Chase murmurs, none of them are going to bring back House from the one place they can’t follow him.

Weakness * Wilson had always been so consistent in his weakness – a blonde here, a brunette, occasionally a redhead – and weakness, thy name was woman, was, of course, until he faltered for a blonde who happened to be Robert Chase.

Blood * Chase’s work is mired in the shade of blood, as to Wilson’s work filled with tumours everywhere; yet, Wilson watches as blood spills all over the floor and not once does Chase lose his balance or even hesitate to patch up the patient and stop the blood flow instead of just cleaning up the mess.

Hair * Wilson’s hands are perpetually ruffling and mussing and messing about with Chase’s hair when they make out, fingers stroking every golden strand and displacing it, only to continue on in the path of destruction.

Life * At the end of his third divorce, Chase takes Wilson for a drink and he buys them both five rounds of whisky and when it comes time to down round number five, Chase raises his shotglass to Wilson and toasts, “to a new era of life.”

Tears * Men don’t cry is the lesson instilled into them and Wilson had stumbled in on Chase in the on-call room by sheer accident after Kayla had died and all Chase says is, “they’re all gone,” and he doesn’t shed a single tear.
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Gift * Wilson arrives to his office at the beginning of Hanukkah to find a package sitting inconspicuously on his desk, wrapped in brown paper and string, and as he unties it to find a package of silk ties, he also finds a note: 'You can use them on me later - Chase'.

Soft * Chase isn't soft like his wives because men have a firmness and a leanness to them that differentiates the species, but Wilson is slowly discovering that maybe soft isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Freedom * Chase is with him when the finalization of the divorce happens and Chase laughs when Wilson does, and Chase kisses back when Wilson does.

Jealousy * Chase should have seen it coming - should have seen it from a mile away - but he never anticipated the way he would feel when he saw it -- it, like it's a monster - and he just wants the feeling in his stomach to die away because Wilson isn't his by any means, just because Chase has decided he wants him.

Hands * Wilson had never really cared about hands before, not in Julie, not in Laura, not with Brianna, but with Chase, he cares; he cares because no one's given him a handjob like Chase does and Wilson wonders if it's in the hands.

Ears * What Chase does when Wilson gets testy is a tricky and amazing thing indeed, it really can't be quantified, but he leans in and whispers something soft and low in Wilson's ear and takes to fellating his earlobe with his lips and mouth, taking his time in bringing Wilson back to that calm mellow.

Confusion * "You want-" "Yeah," Chase agrees and Wilson doesn't know what to think about all of this, but it doesn't look like Chase is done talking, "Yeah, I want you."

Speed * Chase is on Wilson's speed dial, has been since two months after House hired him and proceeded to get Chase to pick him up every time he went to a bar to mix Vicodin and Vodka; but it's only tonight that Wilson actually presses number seven for Chase's home.

Hell * The road to hell is paved with good intentions, Chase says one night as they drink red wine and discuss the repercussions of divorce, and at least you didn't have any kids Wilson because then you really would have created a hell for them.

Star * Wilson walks at night in the briskness of fall in New Jersey and there's a meteor shower above him like a silent orchestra in the sky and when he looks up, he wishes on one of them and when he looks down, Chase is standing there in his coat and with a smile on his face.
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For [ profile] 1sentence. Wilson/Chase.

Innocence * Wilson wonders what Chase was like before House and whether he was brighter or more enthusiastic, but really, Wilson just wants to know if before House, Chase would have kissed him back.

Taste * Chase’s kiss tastes of mint and the faintest trace of alcohol and Wilson begins to worry that his addiction to cheating isn’t the only problem between the two of them.


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