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Adam Black = Earth = Death
James DuLac = Water = Pestilence
Summer Jones = Air = War
Fi Monaghan = Fire = Famine

FIRE: She’d played all the major roles. Had loved Rome, Chicago, forests like she loved all her lovers; with such intimate knowledge both in and out that she would light up the sparks because she knew how; she knew all the workings of the world.
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I don't know. Maybe this is just a cleaning spree. No one really follows here, but then again, you really aren't planning to release these, so why not? Dump Nursery Rhymes stuff, Dom!AU stuff, and the extra stuff here. Part of me's saying to dump Student!verse just because it's a guilty pleasure. Maybe some heavy-duty editing will help.

RULES SEQUEL (which will never be)
  • midway through a phone call that is getting steamy, Billy hangs up in a panic
  • Dom wanders into a bar where Billy is alone & singing (he sees Billy pick up some random guy; leaves hurt as hell).
  • Billy dreams of himself giving Dom a blowjob while Orlando and Elijah watch and make calm, nonchalant comments.
  • Billy is in church when Dom begins to bug him
  • Dom dreams Billy is getting married.
  • In the church, provoked, Dom rawly tells Billy how hard and well he'd fuck him.
  • END: Dom and Billy outside in a park; Billy inclines his head upwards, noting:
    Billy: God doesn't seem to mind.
    Dom: Then, why won't you?
    Billy: Because I do. I mind. I love you, Dom. I just...
    Dom: Billy, not again, don't do this to me again.
    Billy: Prove it to me, Dom.
    Dom: What?
    Billy: Show me that it's not wrong. Show me everything.

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    So, I've basically decided there'll be no Rules sequel. Don't have the time, energy, or motivation.


    “Until death do us part.”

    The chapel was bright. The flowers were in perfect bloom, the room had a faint miasma of sweetness and Billy. Dom was miserable. His whole body felt wracked with some unknown type of parasite that was hell-bent on eating him from the inside out and was having a good time succeeding.

    Dom folded his hands in his lap and looked up to see the smile spreading widely over Billy’s face. Dom did not react. He forced himself to remain blank, a quiet stream feeding out to an even calmer ocean. He does not scream, and he will not argue the priest’s statement that Billy “may now kiss the bride.” He inhaled deep and even breaths, checking the room to find that everyone else was smiling peacefully.

    Viggo was content. Elijah was grinning. Orlando looked dazed.

    And Dom wanted to scream.

    But he sat there, ever the good best friend and watched as Billy lifted her veil, leaned forward, and stopped just that infinitesimal distance before his eyes crinkled into a smile. Dom read the words as they slowly tumbled off Billy’s lips.

    “I love you.”

    He was telling her those words. Dom was closer to screaming than ever now, and he had a feeling that if he opened his mouth, nothing would stop the scream from ending. Billy was about to press his lips to hers. Dom inhaled his breaths a little faster now, the room spinning in his view, and it seemed brighter than before.

    Billy turned, his cheek brushing against hers as he looked straight at Dominic and gave a wicked little smirk. Dom couldn’t tear his eyes away and kept breathing out shakily, wishing he could close his eyes, wishing he could make the scene go away.


    Dom wasn’t sure why he was there exactly. There had to be reasons somewhere inside his body, perhaps inside his brain that dictated why he was showing up at Billy’s favourite bar, in Billy’s favourite town, and clinging Billy’s favourite shirt to his chest like it was a security blanket. Nobody was going to force him to admit that he had spent five minutes in the car just pressing the shirt to his nose and inhaling, and so he figured he just had to walk into the bar, find Billy and leave.

    He still wasn’t sure why he couldn’t just wait back at Billy’s flat.

    He knew the reasons. He always knew the reasons.

    His reason was Billy.


    Next: The outline of the fic-that-would-have-been.


    Apr. 7th, 2004 12:44 pm
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  • Strike the pixie idea. Nothing else has come to mind, so you might as well dump it and be through.

  • In terms of the Sparrington '04, more plausible idea came to mind. Have Norrington and Sparrow piss off some obscure god (do the research later) and be cursed to carry the souls forward, reborn with memories locked away until they appease/solve something, etc.etc.

    It would make the unlocking of the memories plausible as well as keeping them the same people while still keeping it in '04.

  • Verona Beach AU. Re-rent Romeo and Juliet to get reacquainted, most likely some bloody type of murderish type setting. Possible to do the Dom/Orlando here, with Billy as an angelic sort of presence, not in that he's holy and good but that he is always watching over. Possible costume party, give Billy the wings the Juliet wears.

  • Ficlet in which being called a 'movie star' is still something new and disturbing to Billy.

  • Firefly idea. Go back to Zoe and Wash's wedding. Write about it. Kind of a line going through my head:

    The wedding was planned by Mal (against Wash's greater arguments), and in the end, it turned out to be like every other social event Mal planned and hosted. There were guns, there was blood, and a great deal of people who weren't happy with the guests of honour.

    The blood had even gotten into the cake.

    Jayne had wanted that cake.

  • Billijah. Elijah is jealous of the way Billy seems to defy age.
  • RPS ideas

    Nov. 27th, 2003 11:47 am
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  • Sort of AU!ish type of fic. Billy believes in pixies. After all, he's got good reason.

    Numbers Fic

    1, 2...13...Infinity

    -3 days until Orlando goes home. (Orlando/Viggo)
    -12 hours since Dom walked away (Dom/Billy)
    -15 months since Miranda last wanted (Miranda/Karl)
    -5 minutes since Billy accidentally kissed Dom
    -2 years since Viggo fell in love
    -18 steps until Elijah boards the plane and leaves.
    -2 choices that Billy can't decide between (Billy/Dom, Billy/Elijah)

    Main characters:
    -Viggo, Orlando, Karl, Miranda, Dom, Billy, Elijah

  • Don't know if I've written this idea up, but just in case: Dom doesn't love Billy. No. It's more of a severe case of like.

  • Connor has nightmares of Jasmine. Attends uni. in CA, and runs into Wes. They build a rapport.
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    New ideas:

  • Suddenly, Billy wants to be called William. Inspired by [ profile] marrymemerry.

  • For [ profile] marrymemerry. Keira/Natalie Portman fic. 'It's like looking in a mirror.'

  • Rules of Engagement
    "Don't you see Billy?" Dom whispered, his fingers ghosting over the pale skin of Billy's upper shoulder. Dom's eyes shone with hope and a kind of sparkle that scared Billy. "I want you," he fiercely added. Billy reacted with something akin to horror and sickness -- all at once.

    Nursery Rhymes
  • It's a Seanlijah. Begins with a blissed out Elijah (on cough syrup) demanding a bedtime story from Sean.

  • Dom/SeanA.
    "God doesn't make mistakes. That explains Dom."

  • Pirates fic. Footwork. Jack/Norrington. Foreplay=swordplay.

  • Pirates fic. When Will breaks Jack out of the jail cell, it isn't the first time a Turner aids and abets a pirate out of prison.
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    So many new ideas.

    Narcissism Idea
  • I think this one is probably going to work best with Dom. I mean, I could do it with Orlando, but it'd be nice to go a little deeper with less roles, and with Dom, I can use Etienne and Merry. One line running in my head:

    Some mornings, he wakes up and looks in the mirror to find he has lost himself. Some days, there's a Frenchman staring back at him. Some nights, in the light of the moon, all he sees is a hobbit.

    Time Fic
  • Inspired by [ profile] shanalle, damn her. A week, no plot yet, but work backwards through time. Saturday to Sunday, rolling back.

    Killing Softly
  • One of the old CLM's kinda inspired this. I'll be using the killing as a metaphor though. So, basically, it'll go Dom/Billy, and that Dom is slowly killing Billy with his love (re: obsession).

  • Sigh. Based around this line: Billy was to the root-beer born. And a Billy/Elijah.

  • Again, inspired by [ profile] shanalle in the *same* story. Khan! So, Dom has many encounters with Billy, except that in the end, it wasn't really Billy to begin with. Literally.
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    New fic, inspired by chatting with [ profile] shanalle.

    Twenty-Two Snapshots
  • Drabbles; only 100 words in length apiece. Twenty-two short scenes depicting moments that passed before the oppurtunity could be taken. Things that never were.

    Fic for [ profile] duckie7582. The smile fic:
  • The way Dom's smile is a little bit wacky, all-knowing in its insanity and quirks.

    Zodiac flippin' fic. Have the idea. Must start it so that the Cancer sign comes into play somewhat later in the year. Main character to revolve around is Orlando. Everything happens at the birthday parties, hence 12 parted fic.

    Main pairings, am thinking Dom/Orlando and one more, possibly Orlando/Sean Bean coming into it and then quickly dissipating for him. Other main pairing will either be Elijah/Billy or possibly Karl/Viggo. Still blurry.
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    Just a quick bit of stuff to work around for [ profile] curlygurrl's challenge. It will probably wind up being more than 600 words. Ah well.

    Jack didn't get scared.

    No sir.

    Fear was not a part of Captain (thank you muchly) Jack Sparrow's life. Fear was for the weak and such. Although, if he were to be honest -- and he is honest, swear -- the gallows might have evoked a little fear. Just the smallest ounce, no more than some rum would have cured.

    But Captain Jack knew fear; he knew it well.

    Which isn't to say he felt it. These things must be kept clear.

    Other fics to write:
  • Smile!Fic for [ profile] starlitefaerie
  • Fic for [ profile] duckie7582. Debating whether this be the Heartstrings fic, or whether it'll be another.


    Based on the line: If you give Bobby Drake a rose, you've got a guarantee that it will never wilt. And if you give Johnny Allerdyce a cup of coffee, the steam will never fully dissipate.

    Such is the way in their lives.
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    Time to write means overload.

  • Way too many thoughts cycling but nothing is coming together. The hook of the story is basically how Viggo's perception becomes slightly skewed the more and more obsessive he becomes with wings. Need a more poetic description.

    They are a kaleidoscope of colours, and he doesn’t have enough colours in his pastels, his watercolour kit, or his pencil crayons to do justice to the shades his mind imagines when he closes his eyes and puts pencil to paper.

    Gah...this is so going to be my new vice.

    CLM: Kiss in a strange place. To write by Sunday.

    D'Orli, in a swimming pool. Orlando goofing off and effectively dunking Dom...repeatedly.

    Control: Part 11
  • Tell through Angel's POV until the end of the sex, at which point, shift into Wes' mind.

    Ros. and Guil. fic; use key scenes in play for rehearsals that Dom and Billy are doing. Have them approach the subtext, and exactly what it means.

    Dom seems uncomfortable, Billy seems to be avoiding the issue, until the director brings it up.
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    In the wake of Seven Sins, I'm reminded...I still have other fic. Okay. So, goals by the end of July are to finish up Control, write another two parts of Being The Enemy's Friend, and assorted other fics.

    Hollywood Embassy #13:
  • Write before July 10th

    On The Pull
  • Premise: What happens when Orlando, Billy, and Dom go on the pull, and everyone wants Orlando. Why, Dom and Billy turn to each other for "comfort".

    Snippet: “Perfect,” Dom muttered. “Just bloody perfect.” He sat back and crossed his arms in a frustrated gesture of the situation. The clinking of glasses on the bar behind him did nothing to distract him, and Billy sat on the stool beside him.

    “What is?”

    “We came to the one bar in which everyone knows Orlando,” he said and gestured grandly in the elf’s direction, although you couldn’t tell he was there being surrounded by the number of fine young women as he was. “And no one knows us. Bastard.”
  • Seven Sins

    May. 20th, 2003 12:01 am
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    General outline with pairings for this fic.

  • Viggo/Elijah
  • Karl/Viggo
  • Billy/Dom

    Jealousy --> Billy
    Anger --> Dom
    Gluttony --> Sean A.
    Lust --> Elijah
    Sloth --> Orlando
    Pride --> Viggo
    Greed --> Karl

  • Various song snippets to go with the story, tiny plots all mapped out. Possibly a triangle with Viggo, Elijah, and Karl. Orlando is constantly the outsider.
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    So, in times where I actually log work, I'm reminded of stuff that's been sitting in my Documents folder for months. Stuff like the comedy. Reminder to self; it's funny. Write it.

  • Present day. Gandalf did a magic trick when someone pissed him off and now the entire Middle Earth has been transported to our day and age.

    Character List

  • Sam: A ladies' man on the outside, ubergay at heart. He only comes on to Frodo when no one else is around which causes everyone to question Frodo’s sanity (again). He is the school's ‘horticulturalist’.

  • Frodo: The nerd, studying history to become a history scholar, could get anyone with seductive eyes, but too naïve to notice.

  • Legolas: The tag-along to Haldir’s elf frat, tries to sleep his way to the top, but fails. He is, in essence, Haldir’s bitch

  • Gimli: A football jock with serious psychological issues

  • Merry & Pippin: The party boys, and also the school sluts. They wind up sleeping together every time they get drunk together but constantly deny their love.

  • Aragorn: A paranoid shut-in loner who rarely goes to class and is haunted by Boromir’s spirit. Constantly says to him, “None of this would have happened if you had just…lived!” even when other people who can't see Boromir are in the room.

  • Gandalf: The dean, somehow winds up drunk in his students dorms with no explanation as to how he got there.

  • Elrond: A professor who sleeps with his students, everytime a door is open to a random student's room...Elrond is inside.

    And a loverly snippet:

    “Don’t you remember what happened last time anyone pissed Gandalf off?” Legolas hissed to Gimli, and then backed away after he caught a whiff of the dwarf.

    “I do remember indeed. He up and transported all of Middle Earth into this ungodly time and place.” Gimli absentmindedly tossed a football up and down. “Although, this hobby isn’t so bad. What’s it called again, Ori?”

    “Hut!” A dwarf piped in.

    “Hut!” Another added.

    “Hike!” A third finished, and the entire team grunted, causing Legolas to shudder and close his eyes at the assembled line and the assembled smell.
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    New X2 fic idea; elements to combine:

  • Bobby/John ditching class earlier in the day
  • A re-enactment of exactly what they did earlier in the day
  • A quest to find Johnny's lighter
  • The following bit:

    "So, what exactly did you two get up to while I sat and played the good girl in class today?" Marie asked aloud as Bobby stopped in the dark hallway as a flame of orange seemed to lick the wall. He held her back against the wall as they realized it was only Logan's fire burning in his room.


    "Only if you're about to run off without me," she whispered, and they continued on their trek.

    RPS Idea:
  • What it means to be a voyeur (various definitions) with Billy (?) as the one looking in.

    X2 Other Idea:
  • What Bobby and John were doing while the others had their meeting. What happened when Rogue found them.
  • X2 fic

    May. 4th, 2003 09:57 pm
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    Possible spoilers for the movie.

  • Bobby/Marie/John: work on the aspect of balance between the fire and ice. Her as the centre. Set earlier on, possibly before the movie even begins.
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